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We create AI driven solutions to give you an edge


Create better experiences: Today's users expect digital products to understand and anticipate their needs, providing assistance at every step. Leverage AI to create exceptional experiences that exceed your customers' expectations.


Automate Everything: Save time and effort by handing over repetitive tasks to AI. Empower your employees to spend time and energy on high-value tasks, cut costs and improve customer experiences through instant actions.


Find growth: Add a multiplier to your sales by leveraging AI powered recommendations, optimizing marketing and creating dynamic pricing models.

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discovery sprintS

Curious to discover how AI can supercharge your business? Our discovery sprint is a two week process for crafting an AI strategy, creating an AI portfolio and prototyping the low hanging fruits.

Discovery Sprints

custom ai solutions

We’ll help you shape a project and manage everything from data engineering and model training to implementation and handover.

Custom AI solutions

ai talent

What if you could hire a specialist with 200 years of experience? Well, you can: all of our AI engineers have more than 5 years of relevant experience, and they leverage the power of collective learning across all  Shapr projects.

shapr AI talent


Demand Forecasting
demand forecasting
Optimize inventory management, maximize sales and boost profits by predicting future demand with AI based demand forecasting.
Large Language Models

llm superpowers

Leverage the power of fine tuned LLMs to automate experiences, create conversational interfaces and more
Dynamic Pricing
Dynamic pricing
Increase revenue, maximize profits and prevent inventory loss by leveraging AI based pricing optimization.
Supply Chain optimization

supply chain

Minimize costs, streamline operations and improve customer experience by optimizing supply chain processes.
Automating workflows


Automate low value tasks - gain efficiency and improve the customer experience with faster turnarounds.
Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

Use AI algorithms to identify fraudulent activities, secure financial transactions, and protect sensitive customer data.

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about shapr

We help MENA based  companies increase revenue, cut costs and create out-of-this-world customer experiences by leveraging the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Shapr as company is young, but the people that make it are industry veterans. Our team consists of +15 exclusively senior AI specialists that has built AI capabilities to unicorn startups and fortune 500 companies. Our promise is this: Shapr will never build solutions that are not needed by the market, or solutions that won’t create ROI for our clients.